The Eastern Forest Chinese Herbal Medicine Consortium is a joint effort to support ecological growers of Chinese medicinal herbs in the eastern forest biome of North America.

efchmcInitiated by two nonprofits (High Falls Foundation (HFF) in Philmont, New York and BRCCM in Virginia) in 2014, the Consortium expects to welcome other local groups of certified and licensed practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine who will work directly with ecological growers to further develop domestic production.

The Eastern Forest CHMC aims to:

  • Generate funding for technical assistance to growers
  • Distribute knowledge of crops along with verified plant and seed stocks
  • Help establish practices and standards for harvests
  • Compare and mutually evaluate results
  • Share and celebrate the values that ensure access to clean, efficacious and locally grown medicine in the future

Current members of the Consortium:

Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine, Floyd (Pilot) VA
High Falls Foundation, Philmont NY

Please visit the  our group site, Local Herbs, for information regarding our growing capacity, farmers and philosophy.

The Appalachian Herb Growers Consortium is also grateful for the strong support of private funders and grants from:

Tobacco_CommissionTobacco Region Revitalization Commission





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