Anemarrhena asphodeloides


(Packet of 50)
Ecologically Grown on AHGC’s central campus



Important medicinal plant, rare in cultivation.  Full sun to part shade, well drained, average soils.  Creates striking large, clumps that resemble large ornamental grass.  Enjoys moisture, not drought tolerant, but rhizomes may rot if planted in too wet a location with poor drainage.

In 2016, we had excellent germination during summer & poor germination in cool weather.  Appears to be a warm season germinator.  Surface sow.  Our June 2015 plantings took 7-10 days to begin emerging.  Slow growing in the first year.

Plant part used: rhizome (zhi mu)
Lily Family: Liliaceae
Perennial – hardy to zones 3
Full sun to part shade
Final spacing: 12”

*** The information provided above has been gathered by data collected at the AHGC campus and with collaboration with our participating growers. Certain cultivation techniques might not apply to your region, if you are not within a latitude and altitude comparable to that found in the Appalachian region. Further reading may be found in Peg Schafer’s “The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm” ***

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