Astragalus membranaceus


(Packet of 50)
Ecologically Grown on AHGC’s central campus


This tap-rooted perennial is native to China, super cold-hardy (to zone 6) and drought tolerant. It loves warm, well-drained soil and produces yellow pea-like flowers in mid-summer. Sow seed late spring after last frost.

Astragalus is a legume, meaning that it is related to peas, clover, and mimosa. Legumes are known to improve soil quality by establishing a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria that draw atmospheric nitrogen from the air and make it readily available to the roots of other plants.

Milk Vetch
Pea Family – Fabaceae
Part used: root

*** The information provided above has been gathered by data collected at the AHGC campus and with collaboration with our participating growers. Certain cultivation techniques might not apply to your region, if you are not within a latitude and altitude comparable to that found in the Appalachian region. Further reading may be found in Peg Schafer’s “The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm” ***

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