guā lóu


Trichosanthese kirilowii
Ecologically Grown
Fruit only



Also known as snake gourd, this perennial vine is native to southern China and Vietnam and produces a bright yellow melon. Rare in cultivation in the US, it is an excellent long-term permaculture plant and has beautiful flowers with an intoxicating jasmine-like fragrance.

This plant prefers trellising as it grows up to 16 feet each year and dies back fully in the winter. We harvest the fruit in late summer and early autumn for whole-fruit processing. Our peel is a product of harvesting seed for propagation among our farms. Once we have reached peak propagation, we intend to offer seeds for practitioner use. Also, we will harvest the roots of select plants after the third year in cultivation.

Snake Gourd
Cucumber family: Cucurbitaceae
Parts used: fruit, peel, leaf, root

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